Review of the Dogtra 1902S Dog Training Collar

Dogtra 1902S – Product Review

If you are a professional or serious amateur dog trainer looking for the reliability of Dogtra electronics in their sleekest design yet, look no further than the Dogtra 1902S, which will be reviewed here.

The Dogtra 1902S is perfect for all forms of dog training.  This model is the same as the Dogtra 1900S, but with the capability of controlling two dog collars at once, whereas the 1900S is designed for a single dog.  Included in this package are two durable e-collars that are designed for performance in the most demanding of training conditions.  In addition to basic obedience, this collar is ideal for long range training, such as for use in hunting or K9 scenarios.

A wide range of corrective static stimulation is available, spanning from low to high, across 127 levels.  A patented rheostat intensity dial allows for easy control of correction intensity.  The stimulation levels are displayed on an illuminated LCD screen that is easy to read.  Three types of stimulation are available:  nick, constant, and high performance pager vibration.  Color coded collars correspond to similarly colored intensity dials for ease of use.  The Dogtra 1902S can be used on dogs as small as 35 lbs.

Like all Dogtra electronics, the Dogtra 1902S is fully waterproof.  With a ¾ mile line-of-sight range, long distance training is made easy.  The handheld remote is ergonomically designed for the dog trainer’s comfort, while the receiver collar is unique in that it wraps around the dog’s neck for a better fit.  

Advantages of Dogtra 1902S

The Dogtra 1902S combines the high performance output of the Dogtra 1900S with dual dog functionality.  This system is ideal for all canine personality types, from sensitive to stubborn.  The color coding on the intensity dial and training collars makes this system easy to use.  

Limitations of Dogtra 1902S

The Dogtra 1902S collar is not designed for use on dogs under 35 lbs.  

Who Benefits Most from Dogtra 1902S?

Serious dog trainers who require advanced precision and a wide range of corrective stimulation for multiple dogs, as well as a variety of training modes, will benefit most from the Dogtra 1902S.

Who Benefits Least from Dogtra 1902S?

Dog owners with pets smaller than 35 lbs or who only own one dog will benefit least from the Dogtra 1902S.  Single-dog owners would benefit from the Dogtra 1900S.  

Bottom Line
Ultimately, the Dogtra 1902S is a go-to training collar for the professional or serious amateur dog trainer who requires long range, high-output, and reliable, trusted performance for two dogs.  

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